About The Wellness Joint

By Growing Wellness

We help guide patients through their new medical journey by providing a pleasant and fulfilling medical marijuana experience.

It’s Legal. Let’s make it Normal.

We strive to be industry leaders in the medical marijuana field and help our customers become better acquainted with this budding industry.

Along with educating our customers, The Wellness Joint aims to help patients feel comfortable taking medication that has been stigmatized for far too long.

Best Bud in the West.

Tyrants of the top shelf, purveyors of potency, The Wellness Joint only offers flower of the highest quality. Our growers produce the finest bud in Oklahoma by using techniques and growing know-how they gained from years of cultivating cannabis from Amsterdam to Colorado.

All of our product is clinically tested and hand-cut.  If we wouldn’t smoke it, we wouldn’t sell it, and that’s our emerald standard. So, if you are looking for flower with the most power, there’s no need to search any further; The Wellness Joint has the best bud in the West.

The Wellness Joint Bud
The Wellness Joint